Leadership: Thinking vs Keyboard time

I think this is equally important to all employees at all levels.. especially these days. 

As you rise, your work is more strategic (thinking) and less functional (keyboarding)

Leadership tip

Its trying to evaluate how much time you are spending on Keyboard vs Thinking (useful also for your career growth).

1. Create Time to think — not just go meeting to meeting and think that is what work is about. (Pre-think the decisions where relevant).
2. Start with a 2 hour block once a week where you sit without distractions. Ideally no phone/iPad and don’t think of work/daily life.
3. Over time try to make this one 4 hour continuous block (if you can)
4. Reading is a good way to start your “Deep thinking” time (and then remember to set it aside after 10-15 minutes when you have shuffled off the other distracting thoughts)

A crude measure of your growth is that over time your ratio of time spent on Keyboard vs Thinking should change as your grow in a company (ie: you are becoming more strategically involved rather than just operationally & functionally delivering).

ie: Thinking output is increasing in importance vs Keyboard output

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